Starter Pack (One of Each x 3) (Case of 6)


Wild Fuschia Bakehouse Starter Pack

Wild Fuschia Bakehouse has produced an easy to make collection of Irish Bread mixes which will make you feel right at home.

There are simple, easy to follow instructions that even a novice baker will be able to follow to produce really tasty and wholesome baked bread. They only require 1-4 ingredients – buttermilk, milk or any plant based alternatives such as rice milk will work equally well and an egg and the Stout Bread requires treacle a good stout of your choice.

Equipment is easy too; a baking tray for the soda bread, a 1lb loaf tin for the wheaten bread and stout bread it couldn’t be more straight forward.

The mixes come wrapped in a clear cellophane pack and they make a lovely gift for yourself or a friend – what could be better?

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