Irish Scone Mix

2.85 Each

Irish Scone Mix

This scone mix is easy to make and quick to bake, giving fantastic results for even the novice baker.  Only three additional ingredients needed; I prefer buttermilk but milk or any plant based alternatives such as rice milk will work equally well, an egg and some good quality margarine or butter.

The mix makes approximately 6-8 scones and the only equipment required is a baking tray and a cookie cutter to cut out the scones.

I like to add cherries or chopped up mars bars and pecans for a change.  We would love to hear what your favourite scone is, so send us an e-mail or write a review.

The pack of Scone Mix weighs approximately 308g.

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Customers from Great Britain

Unfortunately we are currently unable to ship to Great Britain but why not follow the link to Amazon where we sell all our Bread mixes including the Irish Scone Mix.  You might even be eligible for free shipping.

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