Wild Fuschia Bakehouse & The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group on the Celtic Mist Get Baking

Colin McCann from Wild Fuschia Bakehouse on the Celtic Mist

Colin McCann enjoying a gorgeous day on the Celtic Mist

In August 2021, Donegal based Irish Whale & Dolphin Group member Colin McCann was lucky enough to be on board Celtic Mist for a week taking in the breath-taking scenery and the marine mammals of West Cork.  Colin is a director of Wild Fuschia Bakehouse, a small family business in Donegal that produces traditional Irish bread mixes.

On that trip he brought with him some of the bakery’s award winning Wheaten Bread Mix and discovered that it was fantastic way to get fresh bread on board every day.  Thankfully the bread proved very easy to make in the galley and provided a simple, wholesome and tasty treat that was enjoyed by all of the crew.   The skipper on the trip, Mick O’Meara, sowed the seed in Colin’s head that Wild Fuschia Bakehouse could sponsor the IWDG Celtic Mist by providing bread mixes for all of the week long whale-spotting voyages around the Irish coast and beyond.

Sian McCann, Managing Director of Wild Fuschia Bakehouse said today that the company is “delighted to sponsor the Irish Whale & Dolphin Group by providing bread mixes on board Celtic Mist, the IWDG research sailing vessel.”

At 17m, Celtic Mist is the IWDG’s flagship vessel and equipped to accommodate eight people. The vessel is also used to train IWDG members how to survey and record whales, dolphins and porpoises using both visual and acoustic techniques.

The 2022 schedule “weighed anchor” in Dublin on 8th May and sails north before heading down the west and along the south coasts and back to Dublin on 4th September.   Celtic Mist will be in the waters along the north and west coast over the last week of May and the first two weeks of June, including a few stops in Donegal ( Greencastle, Tory Island, Arranmore and Teelin ), where Sian and Colin from Dunfanaghy met up with some of the crew.

For information on the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group, please see The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group Website

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