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Most of my childhood memories evoke a mix of tastes and smells associated with baking with my Granny and Great Aunt Maisie; hovering beside the range as Maisie mixed the pancake batter and my big brother and I raced to see who could eat the most pancakes. I never won the race, but I always got my fill of those sugary, moreish delights, which smelt so good, so I never really lost.

My mother carried on the tradition and is affectionately known as Granny Bun, creating more memories for her Grandchildren. I feel I’m simply taking my place in a long line of women who loved to bake and to share that love with their nearest and dearest.

I’ve developed a range of award winning dry bread mixes that will help with meal times to make them easier, tastier and fresher. A busy schedule shouldn’t mean we have to compromise on the good things in life.

The bread mixes are easy to make, ready in under an hour and are simple, wholesome, tasty products that bring our recipes to your home, with great results.


Sian McCann (Owner/Baker)

Great Aunt Maisie About Wild Fuschia Bakehouse Dunfanaghy

Being Eco Friendly at Wild Fuschia Bakehouse


At Wild Fuschia Bakehouse, we think everyone has a part to play in protecting the environment.

 We use a Compost Bin for egg shells, other organic waste and compostable items and a Recycling Bin for glass, plastic, metal cans, cardboard etc

Where possible, we shop local, reducing our business’ carbon footprint. In season, we grow and use our own strawberries, loganberries, rapsberries and rhubarb.

We are committed to reducing our waste by reusing and recycling the boxes and packaging that we use to ship our hampers and bread mixes in.  If you receive your bread mixes in a shoe box or wine box you will know that you are all helping us be a more Eco Friendly business.

There is always room to improve and new things to learn. Your suggestions are welcome on wildaboutfuschia@gmail.com

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